This Terrifying, Real Life Version Of Homer Simpson Wants To Eat Your Soul

Image: Miguel Vasquez / Twitter

The abstract nature of cartoons means you can take some liberties with such trifling concepts as colour and anatomy when drawing characters. Unfortunately, bringing said characters out of the abstract and into reality often ends with... well, why don't I let this terrifying 3D version of Homer Simpson explain?

Except I don't think anyone wants to see its mouth move. Or any part of it, really.

The creation of artist Miguel Vasquez, this "3D re-imaging" of Homer Simpson, if it were to ever exist, would be murdered by fire as quickly as possible.

Image: Miguel Vasquez / Twitter

These uh, interpretations, appear to be a hobby for Vasquez. If you'd like to see more, be sure hit up his Instagram — eye bleach not included.


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