These Production Stills From The Original The Fast And The Furious Are Amazing

All image credits: The Fast and the Furious/IMDB

While researching details and tracking down visuals for my Los Angeles street racing story earlier this month, I stumbled across the treasure trove of The Fast and the Furious production stills on IMDB. Each of them is beautiful and perfect, a true time capsule of early 2000s grunge fashion, and I cannot resist sharing with you all today.

I think the photo quality is really what does it for me. They’re all a little too saturated, with extremely warm tones. And they all have that perfect amount of 2000s-style grain for authenticity.

Everyone looks so young! Paul Walker looks absolutely angelic. If I could invent a time machine, I’d go back to Los Angeles in 2001.

I have always loved Jesse’s nail polish.
Been trying to perfect this expression since 2001.
Neptune’s Net! Had many bad meals here, most at that table.
Fun fact: The film’s director, Rob Cohen, has a cameo as the pizza boy.
“No one likes the tuna here.”
I... don’t remember this scene.

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