The Oft-Forgotten Architecture Of Pop Culture Franchises

The Oft-Forgotten Architecture Of Pop Culture Franchises

A memorable setting is a key component in any memorable story. This is especially true in popular science fiction and fantasy tales, where settings and locations have become as famous and crucial to their worlds as the characters in them.

However, it’s easy to celebrate Star Wars or Harry Potter with a piece of art featuring Darth Vader or Voldemort. Rarely do those artistic interpretations focus solely on locations.

Well, Angie’s List is doing just that with a super cool set of pen-and-ink drawings featuring memorable settings from Game of Thrones, Marvel movies, Studio Ghibli films, and more.

Check them out.

What we love about these pieces are the simplicity of them. Without all the bells and whistles surrounding these buildings, you get to appreciate their designs in a whole new way. And while some of them, like Game of Thrones or Star Wars, are obviously a bit more revered, it’s fun to focus on, say, Marvel for this.

The studio’s sets and building designs rarely get talked about.