The Official Black Panther Remix Soundtrack Somehow Improves Upon Perfection

The striking cover art for Wakanda Remixed. (Image: Marvel/Hollywood Records)

I mean, as Shuri told her brother in the movie, just because something works doesn’t mean it can’t be improved. That applies to both the finest tech Wakanda has to offer and Ludwig Göransson’s sublime soundtrack for Black Panther. Marvel and Hollywood Records both announced and dropped Black Panther: Wakanda Remixed today.

It’s a short album featuring remixed takes on five pieces from Göransson’s soundtrack for Black Panther — which itself was already one of the highlights of the movie.

As well as Göransson’s original work, the album features remixes from artists such as DJ Dahi, WondaGurl and Ame Kora. Check out the first track from the collection, the remixed version of “Wakanda”, below:

They’re all pretty great, chill takes on the original tracks, but my favourite might be Göransson and Kora’s reimagining of T’Challa’s main theme, “Black Panther” (duh), as a stirring choral anthem, rising from an acoustic guitar to a complete orchestral blare, while still keeping that electrifying drumbeat that made the original one of the best character themes on a Marvel movie soundtrack:

Hell yeah. You can purchase Black Panther: Wakanda Remixed for $6.99 on iTunes or $5.99 on Google Play, stream it on Spotify, or head on over to the Marvel Vevo channel on YouTube to hear all the tracks.

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