The Detail And Variety In This Futuristic Concept Art Is Mind-Blowing

A Moebius-style Gundam by artist Ben Nicholas (Photo: Art Station)

Image Cache: Sometimes you click some art on the internet and just want to get lost in it. That’s certainly the case with the work of Ben Nicholas.

Browse through the cool photos, animations and diagrams in Gizmodo's Image Cache here.

Nicholas is a senior concept artist at Ubisoft, so he’s well-embedded in the video game world. In his free time, though, he goes beyond that, exploring futuristic vistas through the influence of famous artists, or just his own take on what the galaxy might look like way down the road.

His work is detailed, passionate, and has a refreshing amount of variety. Ultra-specific robots, serene vistas, pop-inspired characters — Nicholas’ art contains all of those and more.

We’ve covered some of his stuff in the past, but, in recent years, he’s just gotten better and better. Below is just a small sample of his awesome work, which you can see much, much more of on his Art Station page linked here.

The Lauras by Ben Nicholas (Photo: Art Station)
Katorga by Ben Nicholas (Photo: Art Station)
Dry Dock at Far Star Station by Ben Nicholas (Photo: Art Station)
Metal Gear Ray through the lens of Ma.K and HR Giger. by Ben Nicholas (Photo: Art Station)
Gundam Jungle Patrol by Ben Nicholas (Photo: Art Station)
Donner Station by Ben Nicholas (Photo: Art Station)

In addition to more art, if you click the small “Art Station” link below each image, you can see multiple variants, angles and alternate concepts for all of the pieces above.

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