Sarah Connor Makes The Most Badarse Return In The First Official Image From Terminator 

Linda Hamilton with shades and a goddamn shotgun is an aesthetic.

Tim Miller’s Terminator continuation has dropped its first official picture, and although we’ve seen glimpses of filming recently, it’s nice to be formally introduced to the proper return of Linda Hamilton’s legendary action heroine.

Hamilton is joined by Natalia Reyes, who appears to be playing a mechanic of some sorts judging by the “Arius Motors” shirt she’s wearing, and Mackenzie Davis, who could perhaps be the latest incarnation of the Terminator if those intriguing etchings on her skin are anything to go by.

Recent set reports alleged there were scenes being filmed that featured Davis wearing prosthetics to make it appear as though a metal exoskeleton was being exposed under her skin, too.

But really. Hamilton packing aviators and plenty of firepower is what you’re here for, and it’s delightful. The new Terminator is set to hit US cinemas 22 November 2019.