New Pixel 3 Leak Reveals A Smaller Notchless Phone

New Pixel 3 Leak Reveals A Smaller Notchless Phone
Image: Google

Just when we thought we had seen all the possible leaks for Google’s upcoming Pixel 3, Reddit is asking the Russians to hold its beer.

First there was the Pixel 3 XL, and now we are seeing a much smaller phone, and it doesn’t have a notch.

The leaked images have been uploaded to Imgur and linked to Reddit. In addition to some shots of the phone itself, there are screenshots of the specs.

Some of these include dual front facing 8MP cameras, dual stereo speakers and a 2,915 mAh battery — which is larger than the 2,500 mAh in the Pixel 2.

And if the dimensions are to be believed, this Pixel 3 will be 5.5-inches, which is 0.5-inches larger than the previous generation.

So if both leaks are legit, we may just be getting small and XL options when it comes to the Pixel 3, which would be in line with what happened with last year’s phones. This is bound to make consumers happy, because who doesn’t like choice?

That’s all we have for now but we’ll let you know if any other rumours start flying around.

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