Kogan Is Now Flogging More Smart Home Products (And They Can Be Used With Alexa And Google Assistant)

Image: iStock

Kogan has been increasingly pushing into the smart home game in 2018, and now it has now expanded its range with two portable air conditioners, four light bulbs and a smart plug.

Also, its entire smart home range can now also be connected to Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa now.

The portable air conditioners can heat, cool as well as dehumidify, and they can be controlled via Kogan's SmarterHome app. This enables it to be controlled remotely, as well as schedule them to turn on at specific times.

In addition to convenience, this also allows users to better control their energy consumption and save money.

The 14,000 air conditioner is now available for $899, and the 18,000 BTU version for $999.

The Kogan SmartHomer bulbs come in both white and ambient options and allow you to adjust your lighting preferences in your home. Like the air conditioners, they all have adjustable timers and preset times and can be controlled from the app. Like any smart bulb, this also offers a home an extra layer of security if you're away and want it to appear as if you're home.

These are available on presale now starting from $69 for a pack of four.

And if you want to make any device smart (ton an extent), Kogan also now has a smart plug. Of course, whatever you plug into it will be significantly limited compared to actual smart home products, but you can still turn it on and off and monitor the energy consumption from the app.

These are now on presale for $99 for a four-pack.

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