Good Morning, Here’s Footage Of A Shark Fighting A T-Rex From The Final Sharknado Film

For years, the Sharknado film series has offered some of the most ridiculous nonsense to ever grace television. A one-off attempt at B-movie glory that struck apparent gold for Syfy, the series is now six movies deep and well, there’s only so much left to do.

So I’m proud and ashamed to present you with this trailer for The Last Sharknado: It’s About Time, which features, among other things: dragon sharks, a shark fighting a T-Rex, Neil deGrasse Tyson saying the word “sharknado” and a plot that centres around literally removing the series from existence.

It is incredibly stupid and I can’t stop thinking about it. This film trailer is a monument to the most ridiculous excesses of postmodern culture, a burning pyre of meaningless. I looked into this trailer and I saw God and He was dead.

At least Syfy seems to be having fun. The sharks, though, are tired. So very tired. Please, let the sharks rest. They have ‘nadoed enough for one decade. The Meg has the shark thing on lock, anyways.