Your Very Own Lifesize Replica Of BB-8 Will Cost You Almost $5400

Your Very Own Lifesize Replica Of BB-8 Will Cost You Almost $5400

Considering how he steals almost every scene he’s in, it didn’t take long for BB-8 to become a fan favourite, and for everyone obsessed with Star Wars to want a rolling droid of their own.

Sideshow Collectibles is about to make that dream come true, or at least as close as possible, with a new life-sized figure that will cost you an Emperor’s ransom.

Let’s get the disappointing news out of the way first: Sideshow’s new 94cm tall replica doesn’t roll or drive around on its own like Spin Master’s smaller replica.

Its design instead focuses on perfect accuracy when it comes to replicating the several BB-8 props used to film The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi. It has a magnificently weathered paint job, the figure can be repositioned on its base, and BB-8’s dome head can be moved around to strike the perfect pose.

The figure also includes a wireless remote, letting you turn BB-8’s various lights on and off, and trigger authentic sound effects from the movies.

The collectable is made of fibreglass, however, not solid gold or moon rocks, making its $US3950 ($5354) price tag an expensive proposition. With that much money you could buy 40 rolling BB-8 droids from Spin Master and build a small army of sassy sidekicks to follow you around.

We’re going to hope that Sideshow is limiting the number of these being produced so BB-8 retains at least some of his value when the next popular droid replaces him. R2-Dwho?

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