Watch A Guy Build A Brand New, Completely Obsolete Gaming PC With 20-Year-Old Parts

Video: On 25 June 1998, Microsoft released Windows 98. It didn’t come out with quite as much fanfare as Windows 95 did, so to commemorate the OS’ 20th anniversary, YouTuber Shelby Jueden built a gaming PC using brand new, in the box, 20-year-old components, as well as an unused copy of Windows 98.

If you can remember building your own spec’d-out computer in order to play games such as Half-Life or Rogue Squadron, you’ll enjoy this nostalgic trip down memory lane that includes antique technologies such as the Pentium III processor, floppy disks and CD-ROM drives.

From opening the first box, to installing the last driver update, it takes hours to get this gaming rig ready — and it's unfortunately unable to load a single modern game. But Doom still plays great!

As nostalgic as I am for the fun of getting a PC up and running back in the day, I’m going to go and hug my tablets again. RIP Windows 98.

[YouTube via The Awesomer]

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