Watch 20,000 Jedi Battle 20,000 Sith To Finally Decide Who Rules The Galaxy

That’s quite a battle scene. (Image: YouTube)

Video: Cameos from ageing, check-cashing celebrities who helped make the original Star Wars trilogy great have made it especially challenging for fans working hard to convince themselves the recent Star Wars sequels were anything other than a disappointment. Disney and Lucasfilm should really just give us two hours of over-the-top Sith vs. Jedi battles like this.

Working with a budget that’s considerably less than what Disney’s been pumping into the Star Wars franchise as of late, YouTuber SergiuHellDragoonHQ uses a PC game called Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator to dream up battles between everything from dinosaurs, to medieval knights, to our favourite lightsaber-wielding heroes.

You’ll never see these kinds of battles in movies, but we should! And if you’re getting bored of the Jedi prevailing, you’ll especially enjoy the ending here.


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