Updates On Aquaman And Shazam

Updates On Aquaman And Shazam

Christopher Lloyd is game for a fourth Back to the Future film. The Walking Dead recruits another time-skip character from the comics. Danielle Panabaker will head behind the camera for The Flash’s next season. Plus, a new look at Fear the Walking Dead’s return, and what’s to come on The 100. To me, my spoilers!

Back to the Future 4

Speaking with the Phoenix New Times, Christopher Lloyd revealed he’s game to return for a fourth Back to the Future film.

I’d be delighted. I’d love to be in a fourth film, if they could come up with the right idea that extends the story and does it as well as the first three.


Freddy Freeman meets Shazam and his very glowy chest in a new image from Entertainment Weekly.


A set report from Coming Soon describes a scene in which Aquaman and Mera investigate magic while searching for the King’s Trident:

“It’s completely dried out!”, says Aquaman.

Mera uses her hydrokinesis to extract water from Arthur’s hair. After pouring it in the well, a “message” beings to play: “Only a true king can wield the trident.”

Mera smashes the well, warning “We can’t let Orm find this”, but Aquaman protests “Whoa, whoa, whoa….Don’t you think you should have written it down or something?”

“I memorized it, didn’t you?”

After a beat, Aquaman replies, “Something, something, something…trident.”

Elsewhere, director James Wan shared a screenshot of Aquaman summoning a whale from the upcoming trailer.


John Wick 3: Parabellum

Keanu Reeves ride a dark horse through Manhattan in a new set video. One way to beat traffic, I guess.

Christopher Robin

Coming Soon has character posters of each Hundred Acre Wood inhabitant. Click through to see the rest.

Good Manners

Here’s a second US trailer for the Brazilian werewolf movie, Good Manners.

The Orville

Entertainment Weekly reports Leighton Meester will guest-star in an episode of The Orville’s second season.

The Walking Dead

Lauren Ridloff as joined the cast of season nine as Connie, “a seasoned survivor deft at using her senses to read people, situations, and trouble. Her character is deaf and uses American Sign Language (ASL) to communicate.” There is a similarly-named character in the comics who joins the Alexandrian survivors after the book’s big post-Negan time jump, but she wasn’t deaf. [Entertainment Weekly]

The Flash

In a new interview with Entertainment Tonight, Danielle Panabaker revealed she’ll be directing an episode of The Flash’s fifth season.

I am so humbled by this opportunity to utilise everything that I have learned as a storyteller to bring an episode of The Flash to life. I couldn’t be more thrilled to have the chance to work alongside our extremely talented (and vast) team that works so hard to make each and every episode of the show. I wouldn’t be here without the support of my Flash family, and I am so thankful for this opportunity to continue to grow and challenge myself as an artist.

The First

Coming Soon has images from Hulu’s upcoming Mars drama from the creator of House of Cards, starring Sean Penn, Natascha McElhone, Oded Fehr, James Ransome, LisaGay Hamilton and Hanna Ware. More at the link.

Fear the Walking Dead

Entertainment Weekly has new images from the second half of season four. Click through for more.

Black Lightning

Black Lightning heads to Comic-Con in a new teaser.


Another teaser has the cast of the Charmed reboot taking a road trip to San Diego Comic-Con.

The 100

Finally, Octavia threatens to put Indra in the arena in a clip from this week’s episode, “The Warrior’s Will”.

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