Tom Cruise Is Promoting Mission: Impossible Fallout By Forcing Late-Night Hosts To Jump Out Of Planes

Tom Cruise, doing what he does best. (Image: Paramount Pictures)

Tom Cruise has a penchant for wild stunts. Now, he's worked them into the press tour.

Mission: Impossible has enjoyed a franchise resurgence on the back of two things — slick, fun direction and set pieces and Tom Cruise's panache for putting himself into danger. As frequent readers will know, I'm a huge fan of both.

So it's a lot of fun for me to see Cruise share his passion for death defiance with the world.

In a new clip from The Late Late Show With James Corden, Tom Cruise takes the host, Corden, on a skydiving adventure to show him that being Tom Cruise isn't so dangerous. I'm not convinced and neither was Corden:

"I can't quite believe I'm doing this", Corden says and that anxiety and excitement suffuses the whole (delightful) video. They dive at over 4500m, a bit lower than Cruise's HALO jump, but still, uh, pretty high.

"This feels like a mistake", Corden adds.

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