This Aussie Video Game Is About Exploring The Ice Caves Of Europa, But That's Not All

Ice Caves Of Europa promises a blend of philosophy, scientific curiosity and hard sci-fi themes, and I'm just here wandering who crawled inside my brain to make the game I never knew I needed.

Conor O'Kane from Melbourne-based studio Io Normal is the developer behind the game, and I've already reached out to pick his brain about what video games can do to raise awareness and engagement around science. You see, Ice Caves of Europa is inspired by the real-world potential of Europa - and the confronting ethical and moral questions we face as technology rapidly develops.

Just some light hearted stuff, definitely not completely falling inside my areas of interest, nope.

Here's some gameplay:

The game launches today, you can play it here. I'll be playing it too, so hit me up on Twitter with your thoughts.

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