These Slightly Wrong T-Shirts Will Enrage Your Nerdy Friends

An online shop called slightlywrong will finally let you strike back at over-zealous fans who have annoyingly dedicated their lives to correcting misquotes. The store sells a small collection of pop culture-inspired T-shirts that are sooo close to being accurate — but wrong enough to enrage nerdy pedants.

Movies, comic books, cartoons and TV shows are supposed to be a fun distraction, and liking a particular property doesn’t immediately put you in competition with someone else who likes it too.

If there’s a hardcore fan in your life that has soured a particular film or show for you thanks to their aggressive devotion, these shirts are the perfect counter. When someone points out that your Jurassic Park T-shirt incorrectly says “an adventure 65 years in the making”, you can remind them of the irrefutable wisdom of an official T-shirt, and then watch them fume as you ask them to double check their own dubious claims.

[h/t Bored Panda]

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