Tesla Is Making Its Own, Limited Edition Carbon Fibre Surfboard

Image: Tesla

When Elon Musk isn't selling you electric cars, he's flogging flamethrowers. And when weaponised fire is off the menu? It's surfboards. Yes, Tesla wants to sell you a wave rider. Unfortunately, the darn things are already sold out.

The two-metre board is made of S-glass and "Black Dart" carbon fibre and modelled with "a mix of the same high-quality matte and gloss finishes used on all [Tesla's] cars".

It also features the company's logo loud and proud, which is no big surprise.

Image: Tesla

For those worried whether or not it'll fit inside their matching Tesla vehicle, don't fret:

Model S, X and 3 can comfortably accommodate this surfboard on either the inside or outside of the vehicle.

Phew. Still not buying one though.

Not that it matters — even if you were interested in the $US1500 ($2027) surfboard, the limited run of 200 has already sold out.

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[Tesla, via TechCrunch]

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