Samsung Galaxy S10 May Have An Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner

Samsung Galaxy S10 May Have An Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner
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Despite the official announcement for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 being mere weeks away, the rumour mill has been looking even further ahead to the S10 — which most likely won’t be out until 2019. The latest alleged leak may be a little more solid than usual, though. It allegedly comes from information dropped at a recent event by both Samsung CEO Guo Minghao and head of mobile DJ Koh.

Apparently there was talk of an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner, as well as how many devices will be in the S10 range.

Well-known industry leaker Ice Universe has taken to social media to provide details on the fingerprint technology that will be injected into the S10. They stated on Twitter that the head of Samsung Mobile, DJ Koh, said that optical fingerprinting won’t be used in the S10 as it results in a bad user experience.

There was also another teaser regarding the upcoming Samasung Galaxy Note 9 S Pen.

The leaker is less coy about what this better screen experience will be on Weibo, stating that Samsung CEO Guo Minghao revealed new S10 information, including three S10s — a 5.8-inch, 6.1-inch and 6.4-inch.

All models in the series will allegedly include Qualcomm ultrasonic fingerprint identification. This basically means that rather than including an under-screen sensor, it would be embedded in the screen and use ultrasonic technology to read the fingerprint.

This is the second time that three models have been rumoured in the last couple of weeks.

If true, this is a big move by Samsung and is in direct opposition with Apple’s push into facial recognition unlocking and removing fingerprints altogether. We won’t know anything for sure until the S10 is officially announced — and we have the Note 9 to tide us over until then.

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