Robert De Niro Might Join Joaquin Phoenix's Joker Movie In A Key Role For Some Reason

Robert De Niro at the Women Walks Ahead premiere. (Photo: Andrew Toth, Getty Images)

Every bit of new information about Warner Bros.’ upcoming Joker standalone movie set in a universe separate from the rest of the DCEU makes the project sound even more peculiar... and potentially interesting. This is a perfect example.

Robert De Niro is reportedly in talks with the studio to join Joaquin Phoenix in the Joker film, playing the host of a late-night talk show who comes to play an instrumental part in the Joker’s origins.

While that doesn’t quite map onto the character’s comic book origins, it makes sense that the film, set in the ‘80s, would incorporate a Johnny Carson-like figure in the Joker’s life. Perhaps he’ll first meet him in his early days of trying and ultimately failing to become a stand-up comedian.

One can only imagine how bombing on live television might impact the Joker’s psyche and push him to a dark and twisted mental space, but just how De Niro’s character could factor into the movie is still up in the air.

[The Hollywood Reporter]

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