Mondo's First Ghostbusters Poster Ever Is Coming To San Diego Comic-Con 

Who you gonna call? (Image: Mondo)

Go into the archive on Mondo’s website and search “Ghostbusters”. Incredibly, no posters come up — which seems impossible, considering the company has been making movie posters based on basically every single property there is for over a decade. That’s about to change. Today, we are excited to reveal Mondo’s first Ghostbusters print.

Outside of an original painting, Mondo has never made anything for Ghostbusters, ever. So this new poster, by none other than the amazing Tom Whalen, is very exciting indeed.

It’ll be available in two editions. First is a 91 x 61cm, glow in the dark variant in an edition of 200 that’ll be exclusively available at Mondo’s booth (number 435) Saturday, July 21 at San Diego Comic-Con.

Ghostbusters by Tom Whalen glow in the dark variant (Image: Mondo)
Ghostbusters by Tom Whalen glow in the dark variant, actually glowing (Image: Mondo)

Second is a 91 x 61cm regular version in an edition of 375, which will go up on Mondo’s website at the same random time the variant goes on sale July 21 at the convention.

Ghostbusters by Tom Whalen (Image: Mondo)

But wait, there’s more! Starting Wednesday, July 18, Mondo is releasing Ghostbusters pins at the convention as well, also designed by Whalen, and we have your first look at those in this gallery.

It’s weird that Mondo has never done Ghostbusters posters before, so we asked creative director Eric Garza why.

“We wanted to do it right,” Garza told us. “Ghostbusters is a total classic and one of the few titles that Mondo hasn’t created any posters or product for. It’s a licence we’ve hoped to work on for years and are excited to finally have that door open.”

So does that means fans can expect more from Mondo and Ghostbusters in the future? “Ray, when someone asks you if they can expect more, you say ‘yes!’” Garza joked.

For more on Mondo’s 2018 Comic-Con exclusives, visit the company’s official site.

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