Koenigsegg Is Naming Its Last Two Ageras After Darth Vader And Thor

Photo: Oscar Bakke (Koenigsegg)

Last month, Koenigsegg announced that their limited production Agera RS line was coming to an end. Each one of the 25 units produced have been sold, including the factory test RS, and the RS has absolutely demolished the record for fastest production car. The only fitting way to send off this incredible vehicle after eight years of butt-kicking is to create two final models and name them after some of the biggest bad arses in movie history.

I'd like to introduce you to Thor and Väder.

Yeah. Hell yeah. These models are definitely befitting the names of the Norse god of thunder and the most iconic antagonist of any movie franchise ever. I mean, I guess they're both also technically Disney princes, but that's a joke I'll let you make.

These two cars were sold already, too. They're being delivered to their owners in Germany before making the trek up to the Goodwood Festival of Speed, where the rest of us normal folk can drool over beautiful supercars we'll never own.

They're two of three cars included in the Final Edition series, which was announced back in 2016 but have just finally been completed. Thor and Väder are both based off the Agera RS in that all options were available to the owners without any extra cost — they just added on some neat aero features to spice things up.

They're the same power-packed cars we know and love. The biturbocharged 5.0-litre V8 engine produces 1,360 horsepower and 1,011 pounds-feet of torque.. That is freaking insane. When the hell does anyone ever require that much horsepower? Do you need to wear safety glasses just to make sure your eyes don't dry out going that fast? Are you riding at maximum clench the whole time?

Now, I'm a mere journalist and not exactly one to criticise a supercar manufacturer on the semantics of their names, but naming the car with more flair 'Väder' and the (comparatively) Plain Jane "Thor" seems a bit backwards to me.

Thor, named for the hilarious Marvel character who was based off the Norse god who wasn't averse to dressing up like a lady when the situation called for it, is finished with two-tone clear carbon that gets its flair from diamond flake in the clear coat. And just in case you're feeling the need to try to set another world speed record, it includes a Le Mans-style central fin

Photo: Oscar Bakke (Koenigsegg)

And Vader, our iconic deep-voiced dressed-all-in-black bad guy, has a clear carbon finish with both diamond flake and white gold leaf highlights. It has two small winglets at the rear and a massive rear spoilers that's supported by posts. The cabin roof has cutouts so you can see the support structure of the active rear wing — which is pretty dang cool.

Photo: Oscar Bakke (Koenigsegg)

I mean, they're both sleek. They both look like they could blow you out of the water with a single engine rev. It's kind of sad that we're not going to see any more Ageras rolling off the production line.

But we're not out of luck yet. Just in case you wind up with hella money and some great insider connections within the next few months, Koenigsegg has been teasing their newest model is going to debut at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, and, from what we can decipher from what is essentially just a rear-end outline, it looks pretty promising. 

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