Jodie Whittaker Is Living Her Best, Most Extremely Fashionable Life At Comic-Con

Jodie Whittaker Is Living Her Best, Most Extremely Fashionable Life At Comic-Con

The Doctor herself is attending the 2018 San Diego Comic-Con and she’s doing so much more than just giving us a spectacular first look at the next season of Doctor Who. She’s doing that and making it fashionable, in the most delightful way.

The con marks 13th Doctor Jodie Whittaker’s first official con appearance for Doctor Who and she is blowing the world away by dropping trailers, waving sonic screwdrivers, and… generally amazing us with her fashionable looks?

Yes, really. First up is the rather wonderful hooded get-up she wore to yesterday’s Doctor Who panel in Hall H, which looked like something that can only be described as “Kylo Ren x Space Pope”.

But that’s not all! Whittaker also made a fabulous appearance at the annual Her Universe fashion show at the con, celebrating the best in fashionable fandom creativity. Not only did she walk the runway along with the other design finalists, she did it in costume as the 13th Doctor.

Specifically, she was wearing Her Universe’s new cosplay version of the 13th Doctor’s outfit, so she was technically cosplaying herself? Which is amazing.

The fashionable looks have not stopped there though, with the BBC Doctor Who account sharing a whole host of new pictures of Whittaker alongside her new companions Tosin Cole and Mandip Gill (who play Ryan and Yaz in the next season of Who) being photographed at Entertainment Weekly’s Comic-Con photo booth, in a look definitely befitting a Time Lord:

And then the cast of Brooklyn Nine-Nine showed up too, searing an image into my head that this is absolutely a) a fanfic that I have read and b) must become an official crossover.

In the intense mania of a hectic convention schedule, this is the life-giving elixir we all need, really.