It's Time To Log Off And Kick It Like This Chill-Arse, Margarita-Drinking Bear

Screenshot: Mark HoughFacebook

A calm snuggle beast recently took a dip in a Jacuzzi in Altadena, California shortly after scaring off the owner.

Mark Hough was relaxing in his hot tub with a margarita last Friday when a bear started climbing the fence into his backyard. Hough left the drink behind and fled to the safety of his house. He later peeked outside and saw the bear "bobbling away in the Jacuzzi enjoying himself," Hough told the Associated Press.

"He was playing, having a grand old time."

Hough filmed the bear kicking it in the hot tub. After a quick splash, the bear got out and sauntered around the backyard, knocked over the margarita, and slurped it up. Later, Hough saw the bear sleeping in a tree.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's department received six reports of bear sightings that day. But no bears were caught.

[Associated Press]

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