Here’s How You Should Configure Your 2019 Aston Martin DBS Superleggera

Here’s How You Should Configure Your 2019 Aston Martin DBS Superleggera

The Aston Martin DBS is back baby, and gone are the days of the subtle looks that graced the silver screen in 2008’s Quantum Of Solace. Now it’s a sleek land ship with lines that are reminiscent of stardust being ripped apart as its sucked into the black whole that is the car’s grille. Now you can configure one, and here’s the way you should do it.

The first option we are faced with is paint. Since this thing is already going to cost around $517,000, don’t bullshit me with those normal Aston Martin colours. Go ahead and click on over to that “Q Palette,” where the real gems live. I picked Dubonnet Rosso, because red is too flashy and nothing else is flashy enough.

The next option is taillights. Aston Martin will questionably let you option “smoked” taillights on your six-figure GT car, and the only reason I would ever option to have smoked taillights on a car like this is if I picked a red paint job. Which I did.

I’m going to skip a few trim options here, but since this isn’t some track-fighter designed to go for the throat of a loud, uncomfortable competitor, I went for the gloss black options and not the matte carbon options across the board. I also am not tacky and went with black mirror paint and body-coloured roof panels.

Wheels. Going to be honest with you here, the wheel options aren’t great. I picked the only decent choice, which was the not-black twin-spoke wheels. You can also pick your brake caliper colour, and again, don’t waste time on the normal options. Click over to the Q Palette and get freaky with it. I went with radioactive blue.

There’s an option to modify the appearance under the hood. The only obvious choice here is the gold underbonnet pack, which makes it look like your car has hidden poison sacks like some kind of venomous serpent, and that’s cool as hell. What better way to show off that 715 horsepower, 301kg-ft 5.2-litre V12.

Inside, I put red leather on everything it would let me, because the world is on fire and I’d like my daily driver to reflect that, to keep me aware. I also went with the cool meshy carbon trim peaces and seatbacks, and while I could have really upset you all with red seatbelts as well, something held me back.

And that’s pretty much it. That’s my little red rocket ship. I love it. Having just spent a Sunday with the DB11 Volante, my experience with that car tells me this is an acceptable approach. What would yours look like? You can play with the configurator here.