Here’s A Ridiculous Amount Of Dinos Gathered For Its 50th Anniversary

Here’s A Ridiculous Amount Of Dinos Gathered For Its 50th Anniversary

Dinos, produced by Ferrari from 1968-1976, were strange birds, having been named for Enzo Ferrari’s son but not carrying a Ferrari badge, since they were considered too cheap and too slow for the Ferrari name. Still, a few thousand were built, with over 150 of those recently gathering in Maranello to celebrate Dino’s 5oth anniversary.

Alfredo “Dino” Ferrari died at age 24 of muscular dystrophy, but he lived long enough to design Dinos’ 2.4 litre, V6 engine, with varying versions producing north of 200 horsepower. That isn’t nothing, and is certainly enough to have fun, but, it was weak compared to something like the Ferrari Daytona with its massive V12. And so Ferrari sold them as simply the Dino.

Over time, though, the Dino both became more valuable to collectors and, for Ferrari, a more accepted part of its legacy, so much so that Ferrari invited over 300 customers and more than 150 Dinos to its headquarters in Maranello, Italy, on Saturday to commemorate them. That’s a lot of Dinos!

It was also a lot of cars worth north of $US250,000 ($339,741) thanks to, in the past 10 years, steep value increases for Dinos. Have a quick look at this graph from Hagerty tracking the value of a 1971 Dino 246:

As Ferrari notes, the 50th anniversary actually wasn’t this year, it was last year, since the car was officially launched at Frankfurt in November 1967. Why now, then? Because last year was also the 7oth anniversary of Ferrari itself, the celebrations for which took precedent.

Maybe still an afterthought, I guess! Anyway, here’s a bunch of cool Dinos: