Here Are The Best Of The Worst Cars You Love

Here Are The Best Of The Worst Cars You Love

Photo: Ng Han Guan (AP)

There have been plenty of cars designed throughout the years that are just… not great. And yet, we love them anyway. Last week, I asked you to tell me what terrible cars you love despite everyone telling you not to. There were some pretty great responses, so we compiled a list of the best of the worst so we can all revel in the beauty of the poor designs that are just too close to our hearts not to love.

Inevitable Decay (AudiB5Hawaii)

We’ll just call it a labour of love.

Too Powerful For Its Size (A Real Tuffy)

A pain in the butt, but a damn nice looking roadster.

A Rite of Passage (Ssfancyfresh)

It’s one of those cars that’s just too efficient not to like.

Living Room On Wheels (mrbwa1)

That is, if a living room had an engine you could tinker with while driving

An Engineer’s Delight (NebraskaStig)

They just don’t make ’em like this anymore.

The Perfect Town Car (rearwheelhorse)

If only it had a little more oomph.

The Strength Of Nostalgia (Cimmerius)

You can still taste the future in this bad boy.

Hazard On Wheels (tbp0701)

So many people in my family have bad Pinto stories.

Trans Am Not (Karfreek)

I admire your dedication.

Right Car, Wrong Everything Else (Timmy11f)

It could have been great…

MalaiseMobile (Joe The Drummer)

You can just feel the poor choices of the 70s.

Not-So-Grand Prix (Vee)

Gotta say, I’m quite a fan of these, too.

But It’s Reliable (SXRguyinMA)

The kind of family staple that softens anyone’s heart.

A Simple Design (Urambo Tauro)

It looks like I want to run it over my carpet.

The Sweet Sound Of A Wet Fart (Opa Brummbaer)

This actually sounds cool as hell. I kinda want one.

Hole Lotta Love (@oswaldhooveg1)

The worst cars can be the most fun to drive

Slant 6 Junkie (Iwaswonderofwonders)

“Body roll like a drunk fratboy” is my new favourite phrase.

Volv-oh Yeah (Duder13)

Quite the practical looking tank.

High-Priced Hack (Kyree S. Williams)

An un-deliberate success.

Strange Utility Vehicle (Porsche was my first word)

Sometimes, passion just doesn’t make sense, and that’s ok.

Braking Point (RedPir8Roberts)

Listen, it just needs a little love!

Road Engine Disaster (bhtooefr)

It just goes to show that even race teams make mad mistakes.