Crazy Russians Drive Two Car Fronts Welded Together

Image: Garage 54

There's a lot of fun and slightly insane car stuff out there, especially on YouTube. But this is definitely one of the best. Russian YouTube Channel Garage 54 created its own Frankenstein's Monster of the auto world — A CatDog car.

Two fronts. Two engines. Two drivers.

The question is, how the hell does it work? And what about the exhaust!?

What I love about this channel is that it doesn't just show off the end product of its crazy inventions — we get to see the process too, with commentary and explanations. In this case, how to weld the front of two cars together.

Of course, you can always just cut to the part where they drive. Between the snow and the burnouts, you won't be disappointed.

You can watch more videos for Garage 54 right here.

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