Cartoon Network Knows You Loved The New Steven Universe So Much It’s Selling You Everything It Can

Cartoon Network Knows You Loved The New Steven Universe So Much It’s Selling You Everything It Can

Steven Universe made a grand return last week with its “Heart of the Crystal Gems” story arc, a journey that made milestones for the show and definitely didn’t mess about when it came to advancing the series’ story. It was so good, Cartoon Network has basically decided to merchandise the hell out of it almost immediately, starting with a DVD release next month.

Announced via press release, the network will release Steven Universe: Heart of the Crystal Gems on DVD August 14 (be warned, Infinity War!), which, considering it’s taken a frankly absurd amount of time for Steven Universe to get a home release in the past, is alarmingly quick.

As well as containing the five episodes that released over the course of last week, the DVD will feature another five episodes from recent runs of the show— including the game-changing “A Single Pale Rose” to help add context to the events of “Heart of the Crystal Gems.” Here’s the list:

1. Now We’re Only Falling Apart

2. What’s Your Problem?

3. The Question

4. Made of Honour

5. Reunited (22-minute special)

6. Bismuth (22-minute special)

7. Mindful Education

8. Storm in the Room

9. The Trial

10. A Single Pale Rose

But it’s not the only thing coming. Alongside the DVD, Cartoon Network announced a series of new products specifically related to the events of the storyline. Starting in September, both Cartoon Network themselves and Bioworld will have a line of apparel commemorating Ruby and Sapphire’s brief separation—and heartwarming reunion:

Meanwhile Monogram will release a new line of collectible 3D foam keyrings depicting Steven, the Gems, the Diamonds (including Pink, both in her diamond form and disguised as a Quartz), and Ruby and Sapphire in their attire from “Heart of the Crystal Gems.”

Given what a moment for Steven Universe this storyline was, it makes sense that it’s being supported by a big push of merchandise. Plus, it gives us something to distract ourselves with while we wait for the inevitable hiatus before we get to see the show on our screens once more.