An Official Replica Of The Barbasol Can From Jurassic Park Is Coming Soon

An Official Replica Of The Barbasol Can From Jurassic Park Is Coming Soon

“Dodgson! We’ve got Dodgson here!” Usually, no one cares. But this time, you might.

That’s because we can exclusively reveal Chronicle Collectibles has teamed with Universal Studios and Barbasol to make an officially licensed, screen accurate prop replica of the cryogenic Barbasol can from Jurassic Park, just like the one Dodgson brings for Nedry in the movie, so the disgruntled employee can smuggle Dino embryos out of the park.

Here are some early images:

The official prop replica from Jurassic Park. (Photo: Chronicle Collectibles)

All the pieces. (Photo: Chronicle Collectibles)

Now, the final product will actually look better than those photos. The label is only stretched there because of the program the images came from. On the final product, it will be 100 per cent screen accurate.

Barbasol has also reportedly changed the shape of their can in the years since the film so Chronicle will make sure the shape of the can is appropriately vintage as well.

As you might expect though, the can won’t freeze or have real shaving cream in it. Things like that would make the collectable less durable (plus, you need the space for all this dinosaur embryos you have hanging around, right?) And while the company wouldn’t confirm any moving parts inside the device, they wouldn’t deny them either. It will, of course, open to reveal the inside vials.

Beyond that, we know this is the first film fans have ever been able to own an official version of this item. Pre-orders are expected to start later this winter and will likely cost somewhere in the ballpark of $US200 ($270). For more updates, keep an eye on the below link.

[Chronicle Collectibles]