All The News, Trailers And Everything Else From San Diego Comic-Con 2018's First Day

Friends, Comic-Con has begun! You might have noticed, because there is news everywhere, just spilling out in all its glorious pop culture glory. Almost too much! If you need a quick catch up on everything so far, have no fear: We are here to do our jobs and tell you what’s up with the latest from San Diego.


It's Predator Vs. Predator In The Brand New Footage From... The Predator

The 2018 Comic-Con has officially begun, and it’s venerable, enormous Hall H opened its doors to showcase The Predator. Shane Black, best known for writing Lethal Weapon and directing Iron Man 3, was one of the original writers on the first Predator film. Now he’s back directing its latest instalment, and he popped by Comic-Con to debut a few new scenes.

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A Terrifying New Monster Joined The Nun And Pennywise At New Line's Horror Presentation

Well, “new” as in “new to recent horror cinema”. The monster in question has actually been spawning nightmares for generations, as we learned at New Line’s “ScareDiego” horror presentation at Comic-Con. And, of course, we also caught up with It’s Pennywise and the glowering star of The Nun.

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Take A Peek At The Heroes (And Umbrellas) Of The Umbrella Academy TV Series

It’s been a full year since Netflix announced that it would be adapting My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way and illustrator Gabriel Bá’s Dark Horse comic series. Now it’s finally revealed the cast in all their superhero glory — OK, they revealed a very small portion of all their superhero glory, but we like what we see.

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The First Titans Trailer Is A Brutal Introduction To Another Very Dark DC Universe

Video: If you’ve ever wanted to hear Robin say “Fuck Batman” before knocking the hell out of and killing a couple of street-level criminals, then allow us to show you the very first trailer for DC Universe’s upcoming live-action Titans series. Suffice to say that Teen Titans Go!, this is not.

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Timeskipping-Plane Show Manifest Wastes A Perfectly Good Sci-Fi Premise

Hollywood legend Robert Zemeckis has a few projects at this year’s Comic-Con. One is Project Blue Book, a retro UFO drama for the History Channel that looks pretty promising. But we’ve seen the first episode of Manifest, the NBC series he produced, and it’s overwrought in all the worst ways.

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Jodie Whittaker Enters Doctor Who's TARDIS In The First Stunning Trailer For The New Season

Video: We’ve seen her outfit. We’ve seen her TARDIS. We’ve had teasers. But the time has come for an all-new, and historic, incarnation of the cosmos’ favourite Time Lord. The very first trailer for Doctor Who season 11 is finally here!

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Clone Wars Is Back To Finish What It Started

Ten years ago, the Star Wars universe was forever changed with the arrival of the Clone Wars animated series. Now, for one final story, the animated show is making a beloved return.

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Doug Liman's Jumper Spin-Off Series Impulse Has Been Renewed, And Here's The New Trailer

Video: Impulse, the YouTube Premium series adapted from Steven Gould’s Jumper book series, will continue. The Doug Liman-produced thriller follows the adventures of a teen (played by Maddie Hasson) with extraordinary powers, including the ability to teleport. Here’s the brand-new season two teaser.

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Holy Crap, Iron Fist Season Two Actually Looks Really Good

We got our first look at the upcoming new season of Marvel and Netflix’s Iron Fist at Comic-Con today, and it looks... surprisingly good.

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There's Something Magical About The Charmed Reboot

When CW announced that it was rebooting Charmed, the choice was met with a bit of confusion — and even some hostility — from fans of the original series. Based on the pilot shown at Comic-Con, I have a feeling those fears are going to subside once fans get to know the new Charmed Ones.

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The First Full Trailer For Nightflyers Is Absolutely Chilling

Video: We’ve already had more than a few glimpses at Syfy’s adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s classic sci-fi horror novella Nightflyers, promising plenty of spookiness. But our latest look is definitely the biggest, and it’s legitimately haunting.

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Rise Of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Brings The Mutagenic Fire In Its Comic-Con Trailer

Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, coming to Nickelodeon in the US September 17, reunites Raphael, Leonardo, Donatello and Michelangelo to fight new enemies with a brand new style, a shockingly overqualified voice cast, and a brand new trailer, too.

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The Next DC Universe Streaming Show Will Be Stargirl

Thought that Titans trailer was the only DC Universe show we’d be hearing about today? Think again. Geoff Johns just revealed one of his myriad upcoming projects is a show based around Justice Society of America superhero Stargirl.

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Hal Jordan Returns To Space Cop Duties In Grant Morrison And Liam Sharp's New Green Lantern Comic

The Green Lantern comics have gotten rather epic in scale recently, with Earth’s Lanterns and the corps at large dealing with cataclysmic threats to the DC cosmos on a regular basis. But the new relaunch of the series is bringing the scope down back to regular old space-cop business, and Hal Jordan is once again the focus.

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DC Announces Several New Young Adult Books, Including A Cassandra Cain Graphic Novel

DC has announced that DC Ink and DC Zoom, their newest comic imprints aimed at teens and those a bit younger, will be releasing a lot of new graphic novels, with a heavy focus on the ladies of the DC universe — including often overlooked yet awesome ex-Batgirl Cassandra Cain. Nice!

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Comixology's Next Wave Of Original Comics Includes Baby Kaiju And A Biological Internet

Over the past couple of years Comixology has slowly become a growing home for original comics, beyond the oodles of digital series it already sells from other publishers such as Marvel and DC. Earlier this year it announced a new line of creator-owned original series under the Comixology Originals banner, and now even more are on the way.

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Toys and Merchandise

An Up Close Look At Doctor Who's Brand New Sonic Screwdriver

A new Doctor on Doctor Who means new everything. New monsters, new best friends, new TARDISes and new gear. That includes a new Sonic Screwdriver, the Doctor’s jack-of-all-trades technological device — and while we got a very tiny flash of it in the new trailer today, we now have a great look at its very unusual visage.

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DC Collectibles Gives Us Our Best Look Yet At The Aquaman Movie's Comic-Inspired Costumes

It’s been teased for a good while now that Jason Momoa’s look in Aquaman would evolve from, well, shirtless Jason Momoa and into a suit that’s inspired by the classic look Arthur Curry has in the comics. But now we actually have a chance to get a better look at it, courtesy of a brand new line of statues unveiled by DC at Comic-Con.

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Everything Else

LEGO DC Super-Villains Lets You Wreak Havoc With The Baddies As A Custom Villain

Video: The newest trailer for LEGO DC Super-Villains has arrived, which will star a custom-created supervillain of the player’s choice alongside DC’s deep catalogue of bodacious bad guys.

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Here's A Video Tour Of San Diego Comic-Con's Show Floor On Preview Night

Video. The big show is on! Comic-Con officially began this week in San Diego, and we're there to experience it first-hand and bring you all the fun. Our own Beth Elderkin and Germain Lussier took a stroll around the show floor on Preview Night to give you a sneak peak at what to expect.

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