This Luke Cage Clip Is The Perfect Argument For A Daughters Of The Dragon Series

Video: It's no secret that the women of Luke Cage are the strongest characters in the series, but the latest clip from the show's upcoming season is on some next-level badarsery that will make you wonder why Netflix hasn't greenlit a Daughters of the Dragon show yet.

Misty Knight and Coleen Wing putting some douchebags in their place. Image: Netflix

Ever since the Marvel Cinematic Universe's iterations of Misty Knight and Colleen Wing met one another during The Defenders series, basically all of the Netflix's other superhero team-ups have become irrelevant because, well, you can't really top that pairing.

If you recall, Colleen's kinda sorta responsible for Misty's current situation, so it's wonderful to see that the two of them will be spending some quality time together doing the kind of things that friends do. Such as getting into bar fights with misogynist arseholes.

There's no telling if it was Netflix's intention of making it painfully obvious how badly Misty and Coleen deserve their own show apart from Luke Cage, but you couldn't be blamed for thinking as much.

Luke Cage's second season drops June 22.

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