This Artist Modded A Car Into A Woodfire Pizza Oven

Image: Designboom

Would you try pizza that was freshly cooked in a modded Ford Mondeo? One bloke is giving people that chance. Not all heroes wear capes.

Created as part of the French Cultural Art Association's 2Angles, Benedetto Bufalino hollowed out the interior of the car to create the oven — complete with a brick shelf so it could genuinely be used as a woodfire oven. We're just going to hope and assume that he got rid of anything made of plastic.

Image: designboom

But the pizza oven is not his first auto-based creation. He has quite the penchant for turning cars into things that are not cars.

Last year he transformed various vehicles into lampposts, public seating areas and a tennis court.

Image: Designboom

In the past he even turned a police car into a chicken coop.

Image: Designboom

And earlier this month he transformed a campervan into a mobile swimming pool. Some advice, Bufalion: parking the campervan and the Mondeo in the same place at the same time would make for a pretty sweet party.

Image: Designboom

You can check out more of his amazing work over at his website, which includes a mini earth mover aquarium and what seems to be a cement mixer disco ball.

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