These Preacher Statues Are Alarmingly Realistic

These Preacher Statues Are Alarmingly Realistic

Preacher is back for a third season, but if you just can’t wait from week to week to have Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy hanging around, now you can have them around permanently.

Your very own mini Jessie Custer is available for pre-order. Photo: All Images: Mondo

Mondo has teamed with AMC and artist Rory Kurtz to make two stunning statues from Preacher. The first is of Jesse, played by Dominic Cooper; the second is of Cassidy, played by Joseph Gilgun. Conspicuous by her absence is Tulip, played by Ruth Negga – however, Mondo’s press release says this series “starts” with Jesse and Cassidy. Rumour has it, she’ll be in a second wave if these do well.

Here are a few images of each sculpture, including the art Rory Kurtz made that directly inspired the sculpt by Matthew Black and painting by Mara Ancheta.

And here’s Cassidy.

Both sculptures, expected to ship early next year, are available for pre-order now through July 31. They’re each $US240 ($323), with special deals if you buy both and or want the accompanying print as well. Get all the info, and see more pics, at the below link.