The Best Mobile Plans With Rollover Data

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When you consider that most phone plans include unlimited calls and SMS, what we're primarily paying for each month is data. With that in mind, signing up for a Data Rollover plan becomes a very smart move. Alternatively, there are plenty of prepaid plans available that offer oodles of data at a reasonable price. Here are the best options currently available in each category.

Data Rollover is a nice-to-have feature, especially if you're like me and you have a pretty good idea about how much data you use, and choose a phone plan with small data buffer factored in. This buffer carries over from month to month and is there for that month when you need the extra, like a weekend away without WiFi, or a short business trip in a crumby hotel.

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Telstra's Data Bank is the gold standard for rollover, allowing you to accumulate unused data over many months, up to a total of 50GB. You'll tap into this stash whenever you reach your limits. The Data Bank is also a part of Belong SIM Only Postpaid plans.

All other data rollover plans let you access the unused data from one month in the following month, so long as you recharge your account before the credit expires.

Big data plans (20GB or more)

We're still seeing big increases in the amount of data in phone plans, and it is no different in prepaid. Most of the telcos now have a plan option with 20GB of data per recharge, or more.

TPG is currently offering a discount for the first 6 months of service, bringing the price down to $25 per month, and putting it well ahead of the competition. The plan also includes 100 minutes of international calls, which we don't see much across the range of prepaid offers.

With this much data included, keep an eye out for the telcos that offer data rollover. The new Optus plans allow you to rollover up to 50GB of unused data into the next month, for example. Boost Mobile and Aldi Mobile also have a rollover function as a standard feature for all plans.

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