Tasmania Beats Out NSW, Victoria For Australia’s Speediest Internet

Tasmania Beats Out NSW, Victoria For Australia’s Speediest Internet
Image: Steven Arenas / Pexels

The Aussie state or territory with the best internet? If you guessed NSW or Victoria, you’d be wrong. You can forget Queensland, WA and the ACT as well. It’s not South Australia either, despite being fairly progressive when it comes to infrastructure. The truth is, the country’s fastest broadband isn’t even on the mainland.

That’s right — according to data from Ookla, the company behind the SpeedTest website, Tasmania is a full 4Mb/s faster on average than NSW, its closest competitor, coming in at 28.7Mb/s versus 24.2Mb/s.

State / territory Average megabits per second (download) Tests run
Tasmania 28.7 264
New South Wales 24.2 3120
Victoria 23.7 2042
Queensland 23.3 1697
Australian Capital Territory 22.6 149
South Australia 20.7 770
Western Australia 19.5 1245

Data from Finder / Ookla (via SMH)

Tasmania’s position at the top an be attributed to “higher proportion of fibre to the premises (FTTP) connections” and “a smaller population overall”, according to comments from Finder’s Angus Kidman.

That said, it should be noted there’s a large disparity between the number of tests for each state / territory. For instance, Tasmania’s average is based on a mere 264 tests, compared to the 3120 of NSW.

As Kidman points out, this is to be expected given the difference in population, but it does mean Tasmania’s results are likely skewed higher, given the smaller sample size.

Still, if fast internet is all you care about, a move south might be on the cards.