Sonos Beam Smart Speaker: Australian Price, Specs And Availability

When it comes to smart speakers, the Sonos Beam is about as versatile as you can get. Of course, there is Sonos sound - but you've also got support for over 80 music services, Amazon Alexa - at launch - and even more assistants planned in the future.

Here's when and where you can get your hands on one - and how much it will set you back.

It's been five years since Sonos launched the original Playbar. With the Sonos One we saw the brand slowly incorporating smarts into its wireless speakers. Now, with the Beam, we have full-blown partnerships with Amazon and Apple.

It uses five far-field microphones to double as an Amazon Echo or be controlled via Siri on your iOS device - obviously though, with much better sound.

The Beam is 60 percent smaller and 28 percent shorter than the Sonos Playbar, so it can fit under just about any TV available that's larger than 30 inches. In that compact package is four woofers and one tweeter.

The $599 Sonos Beam will ship globally starting July 17, and is available for pre-order today online.

Here's the full specs:

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