Someone Stole Thor’s Hammer From A Melbourne Bar

Someone Stole Thor’s Hammer From A Melbourne Bar
Image: Mjolner

Before you say it, no, the perpetrator wasn’t Thor himself (seeing as he’s the only one who can lift the darn thing). This particular weapon isn’t the real deal, but an elaborate whiskey decanter and the centrepiece of Mjolner Melbourne, a bar themed on Norse mythology.

On May 26, some bastard snatched the hammer with help from his mates, leaving the bar unprotected from Asgard’s greatest foes.

According to a post on Mjolner Melbourne’s Facebook page, the theft wasn’t some random act, but premeditated:

Early in the evening 2 men came to see us for some beverages. They then later returned that evening in a group of 5 men and actually stated to one of the staff members “We came back for the hammer”. Which we took as returning to drink it’s sweet nectar from within and show their friends.

Ohh, how wrong we were. Be sure to know that even though one man has walked out of the venue with it in his possession all five worked together as a team to make this theft happen.

The good news is, the hammer — a custom-made piece by NZ’s Weta Workshop — was found yesterday and returned to its right owners. Going by the update, the thieves may have been trying to leave the state with it, as the hammer was apprehend by security at Melbourne Airport.

Despite the theft, the bar promises the replica Mjolner will “never be kept behind lock and key”, though I imagine staff will be keeping a much closer eye on it.