Solo’s Breakout New Characters Get Action Figures, And More Of The Coolest Toys Of The Week

Solo’s Breakout New Characters Get Action Figures, And More Of The Coolest Toys Of The Week

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, our regular round up of the coolest toys and merchandise we’ve seen floating around the internet lately. This week, the Solo deluge continues, SDCC’s 2018 exclusives begin tempting our wallets, and Lego just can’t stop revealing cutesy little BrickHeadz. Check it out!

NECA Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movie San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive Set

San Diego Comic-Con is nearly upon us, which means toy exclusives that most of us will never be able to get without paying extortionate amounts on eBay afterwards are, too! NECA is leading the charge with this excellent set of 7-inch scale figures based on the Ninja Turtles’ appearance in the beloved 1990 movie. As well as being housed in a box styled to replicate the movie’s VHS case, each figure comes with a ton of accessories, from trademark weapons to, yes, multiple slices of pizza. There’ll also be an extra special version of the set that includes a street scene diorama based on the film too, if you fancy spending even more money. [Toyark]

Lego Darth Vader, Stormtrooper, and Frozen Anna, Elsa, and Olaf BrickHeadz

For years we’ve wondered if robots would be humanity’s eventual downfall, but we were wrong. Robots will rule the Earth one day, but only after humanity has become choked and buried under an endless roster of Lego’s collectible BrickHeadz figurines.

The latest additions include Darth Vader and a Stormtrooper, as well as Anna, Elsa, and Olaf from Disney’s Frozen cash cow. There’s no official release dates for any of the new figures yet, but you can expect them soon.


Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Bow and Arrow Replica Set

For Legend of Zelda fans, Link’s Hyrulian shield and the revered master sword are the most sought-after collectible items outside the game. But in Breath of the Wild, Link’s arsenal was greatly expanded, and gamers have come to embrace other items the hero relied on, like the Traveller’s Bow. This life-size, 102cm long replica doesn’t actually fire (which is probably for the best as far as your co-workers are concerned), but it includes a glowing ancient arrow powered by batteries and LEDs instead of magical myths.

[ThinkGeek via Technabob]

Iron Studios Jurassic Park Jeep Attack Diorama

Spielberg has a knack for creating memorable and iconic scenes in his films. E.T. and Elliott flying past the moon and Indiana Jones fleeing a giant boulder come to mind, but to someone obsessed with Jurassic Park, the T-rex attack on the tour vehicles trumps them all. That obsession will almost certainly leave you wondering if spending $3k on a two-piece, 1/10th-scale diorama of that scene is worth missing rent next month, but the answer is obviously yes. You can save a few bucks by opting for either the T-rex side of the display, or the Ian Malcolm and Alan Grant side, but that’s like having to choose between your children.

[Chronicle Collectibles via Toyark]

Star Wars Black Series L3-37 and Enfys Nest

Some of the best things about Solo: A Star Wars Story were its new female characters, especially Lando’s robo-revolutionary droid co-pilot L3 and the mysterious marauder Enfys Nest. Now, they’re both getting the fancy 6″ scale treatment. L3’s figure will be a normal release in the Black Series line, but Enfys will be joining the series as part of the deluxe range of Black Series vehicle sets, because she comes with her absolutely gigantic swoop bike from the movie to boot. L3 and Enfys will be available in a few months.

Monopoly: Cheater’s Edition

There are countless ways to play Monopoly. You don’t always have to follow the official gameplay instructions. But the one rule that every player secretly follows, however (even if they deny it) is that cheating is just fine if you don’t get caught. With that in mind, Hasbro’s new Monopoly: Cheater’s Edition, which is finally available today, actually encourages and rewards your underhanded tactics — if you don’t get caught. There’s extra punishment for players found being naughty (like stealing from the bank or not paying rent), so it’s best to be sly about bending the rules.

Animi Causa Superhero Heroshelf

How often have you misplaced your wallet or keys and wished you had X-ray vision to help search your home for them? With Animi Causa’s Heroshelf, this generic superhero can keep an eye on all of your important accessories, and help ensure you don’t walk out the door without them. The shelf mounts to the wall with a couple of screws, creating the illusion this hero is soaring through your living room. Functionally, it doesn’t do much more than a regular shelf does, but the eye-catching design will serve as a constant reminder your keys are safe and secure.

[Animi Causa]

Shirtless Bear Fighter Action Figure

Jody LeHeup and Sebastian Girner’s Shirtless Bear Fighter is one of the most absurdly silly comics we’ve read recently, and now the shirtless action is coming to your toy shelf in the form of a new vinyl figure from Skelton Crew Studio (the company behind tons of other comic collectibles). The figure, depicting Shirtless Bear Fighter both a) Shirtless and b) ready to fight a Bear, comes in at 8.5-inch tall. If you need even more SBF goodness, there’ll also be a pantsless variant version, complete with pixelation — or, ahem, dixelation, rather — to preserve the Shirtless Bear Fighter’s dignity. Each version of the figure is currently available to preorder. [CBR]