Kogan Is Making White Goods Now Because Of Course It Is

Kogan Is Making White Goods Now Because Of Course It Is
Image: iStock

Kogan has announced that it is getting into the white goods and built-in kitchen appliances game. Seeing as the company already sells pretty much everything else, we’re not particularly surprised by this new development.

Kogan has already signed the supply and logistics agreements that will allow it to distribute its own range of products in this space — and Ruslan Kogan is promising competitive prices that will disrupt the current consumer landscape.

“The Australian Whitegoods and Built-In Kitchen Appliance market lacks competitive tension which has resulted in a limited number of players enjoying inflated margins. One major factor contributing to this lack of competition is the additional complexity and logistical requirements arising from distributing bulky products,” said Kogan.

The founder and CEO also stated that after twelve years of trade, the company is now in a position to offer that competition and will be distributing products such as fridges, washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, ovens, cooktops and rangehoods.

“It will be a great win for Australian consumers who don’t want to pay too much for essential household appliances. We are excited to be applying our business model to this industry and making the most in-demand products more affordable for all Australians,” said Kogan.

Kogan hasn’t announced a precise release date of the new white goods range, but it is expecting it to be before the end of 2018. Our bet is that it will be just in time for the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales period, or at least Christmas.