'Kirk Fu' Is An Upcoming Book That'll Teach Us All How To Fight Like Star Trek's Captain Kirk

Image: CBS / YouTube

James Kirk, captain of the illustrious USS Enterprise, had an... interesting fighting style, to say the least. And while it wasn't elegant, it did get the job done, episode after episode. Honestly, I don't know why it's taken this long for someone to put a manual together, explaining how one might brawl in the same manner.

Yes, you read that right — someone's writing a book on Kirk's various fist-based manoeuvres.

The book, which features the rather long-winded title of "Star Trek: Kirk Fu Manual: An Introduction to the Final Frontier's Most Feared Martial Art", is in the works right now:

Kirk Fu is a series of unarmed combat techniques developed by one of Starfleet’s most celebrated starship captains over several years of encounters with alien species on any number of strange new worlds.

A blend of various fighting styles, Kirk Fu incorporates elements of several Earth-based martial arts forms as well as cruder methods employed in bars and back alleys on planets throughout the galaxy.

Along with explanations of Kirk's various techniques, it'll feature informative diagrams like the one below.

Image: Dayton Ward

Unfortunately, if you were hoping to pick a copy up, you're in for a wait. According to StarTrek.com, it's not due out until March 5, 2019. One for the wish list.

[Star Trek]

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