Firing This Saw Blade-Launching Handheld Catapult Looks More Terrifying Than Getting Hit By It

Video: Joerg Sprave has finally built an elastic-powered weapon that even the burly slingshot master can barely handle when the trigger's pulled. It's a handheld trebuchet (a type of catapult) that flings circular saw blades dozens of metres, and it looks almost as terrifying to yield as it is to be in the weapon's crosshairs.

Accuracy isn't this creation's primary feature, but Joerg still manages to take down a mannequin, standing roughly half a football field's length away, with a spinning saw blade that grazes its arm. A more useful application seems to trimming trees without the need for a ladder, as the flying blade easily cleaved off small branches as it flew through the air.

You'll just want to make sure you don't actually have any neighbours, as those blades have to come down somewhere.


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