Australia’s Best Unlimited NBN Plans

Australia’s Best Unlimited NBN Plans
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Back in the days when modems sounded like a goat stuck in a barbed wire fence, the amount of data we paid for was the key decision we had to make when signing up for the internet. I spent ages trying to calculate how much data I needed based on how much junk I downloaded through Limewire and Kazaa.

These days, who can be bothered with all that? Netflix landed and our data usage has gone through the roof. A day-one patch for a new AAA video game can be a 5 or 10GB download. You may as well just get a plan with unlimited data and save yourself the headache.

Luckily, unlimited data NBN plans are a dime a dozen. You can take your pick of providers and NBN speed and find a limitless data plan to match. Here are some of the best around.

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NBN 50 plans with unlimited data

Unless you want Foxtel bundled in with your NBN, you really shouldn’t be paying more than $60 or $70 per month for an NBN 50 plan. There are so many providers crammed in at this price point that you can have your pick of the bunch and not worry too much about whether you are missing out on a better deal.

It also means that it is a good idea to keep an eye on the upfront costs, as these can mean the difference between a cheap plan and a bargain overall. If you’re keen on getting a free modem with your plan, be prepared to sign a contract.

NBN 100 plans with unlimited data

Again, there isn’t much of a price difference between the cheapest and the rest, but there are a few bonuses worth paying attention to.

For example, TPG will throw in a free SIM Only mobile phone plan for 3 months when you sign up for an NBN plan, which is great if you’re looking for a new phone plan anyway. Also, MyNetFone includes a static IP address with its offer, which is a handy bonus for the right person.

NBN 50 TV Bundles with unlimited data

One of the key things you’ll do with your unlimited internet data is watch streaming TV and Movies, so you might find it’s a good idea to bundle one of the Pay TV services in with your internet plan. You don’t always get the same Pay TV service with the plans listed though. iiNet, Optus and iPrimus come with a Fetch TV set-top box, while Foxtel Broadband comes with, you guessed it, Foxtel. Optus also includes an Optus Sport subscription that will be very handy this month when the FIFA World Cup kicks off.

Telstra now has two TV bundles, one with Telstra TV and a Foxtel Now streaming TV subscription, or a bundle with regular Foxtel. For me, the Telstra TV bundle is the pick; the plan is $30 cheaper per month, and I prefer to stream TV on demand than record things to a set-top box to watch later.

Australia's Best NBN Plans, Ranked By Speed

When it comes to the NBN, we know that plans and providers are not all equal. Despite standard speed tiers, the performance in our homes varies quite a bit, especially during the evening peak times.

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