ARM Reveals Cortex-A76 CPU, Boasts ‘Laptop-Class Performance’

ARM Reveals Cortex-A76 CPU, Boasts ‘Laptop-Class Performance’
Image: ARM

The ARM name is synonymous with mobile hardware, with Apple’s latest and greatest gadgets featuring processors based on the chipmaker’s designs. However, ARM has slowly been making inroads into the notebook market and with its newest CPU, the Cortex-A76, the company believes its got enough game to take on the likes of Intel and AMD.

According to ARM senior product manager Lionel Belnet, the A76’s performance can be considered “laptop-class”, though I’m not entirely sure what that means, given how fluid it is of a yardstick.

Probably the bigger point is that, going from ARM’s benchmarks, the 3GHz, 7nm A76 is 35 per cent faster than its 2.8GHz, 10nm predecessor, the A75, while being 40 per cent more power efficient.

The A76 has a number of architecture-level tweaks to thank for its new-found grunt, including decoupled branch prediction/instruction fetch, a four-wide decode core, double the throughput for vector and floating point operations and various cache improvements.

Along with the A76, ARM announced the Mali-G76 GPU, which offers “30 percent more efficiency and performance density” over the older Mali-G72, as well as the Mali-V76, a dedicated video processor for 8K/UHD content.

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