All Of Your Favourite '80s Movies Are Here In One Poster

"Hey, remember the '80s?" It was a great time for geek fandom, especially at the movies. Considering all of the incredible films that were made in that decade, it would be hard to name them all - so Scott Park drew them all instead.

Spaceballs, Last Starfighter and Mad Max get some love on this crazy new poster. Photo: Scott Park

Park is an artist we've featured many, many times, and with good reason. His stuff is simple, fun, and really engaging to look at, mostly because he's so thorough in his subjects.

His new piece, Eighty², features 80 characters from 57 iconic '80s movies. Eighty characters from the '80s. Hence, Eighty².

"While not completely exhaustive, it's my curation and selection of the movies that best represent the decade in my memories," Park wrote in an email. "It also has a lot of Kurt Russell." As you do. Here it is.

The new poster by Scott Park. Photo: Scott Park

Can you name all the movies?

You can see more close-ups of the poster here, and buy your own copy (it's available in various sizes) at this link.


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