Watch Star Wars’ Classic Hyperspace Jump Recreated Using Fiber-Optics and Poster Board

Video: The famous “hyperspace jump” has been seen across countless sci-fi films and shows – with even more countless names – but the Millennium Falcon definitely has one of the greatest. In honour of Star Wars Day, check out this exclusive video from Backyard VFX artist Joey Shanks that shows how to recreate the jump to hyperspace using a few basic tools, a decent camera, and a bit of patience. It’s Practical Magic, everyone!

How to Create the Jump to Hyperspace


Fibre-Optics Light Kit (Amazon)


Fibre-optic lights

Powerful LED flashlight

Fibre-optic cable nozzle

Black matte poster board


Millennium Falcon Cockpit eBay)

DSLR camera

Camera slider

Mounting plate for the slider


1. Use pushpins to create starscape in poster board.

2. Stick fibre-optic lights through the holes.

3. Use wire cutters to remove excess so the lights barely stick out of the board.

4. Attach your starboard to the mounting plate and put on the slider.

5. Grab your cockpit (Shanks used Millennium Falcon CD-ROM Playset).

6. Place your camera on the slider and prep your shot.

7. Set camera’s shutter for four to eight seconds; start shot and slowly slide starboard toward the camera along the slider.

8. Slide the camera back in increments and repeat to create the animated effect.

9. May the Force Be With You!