Vodafone Is Also Offering 'Unlimited' Plans With Limitations

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Earlier today we reported on Telstra's new 'Endless Data BYO Plan' - which offers unlimited data... but with a 1.5Mbps speed cap after 40GB. It turns out that Vodafone announced its own "unlimited" plans today... also with speed limitations.

Vodafone will be offering three unlimited plans from May 2:

  • $60 - 30GB of data
  • $80 - 60GB of data
  • $100 - 100GB of data

However, just like Telstra's new plan, speeds will be capped at 1.5Mbps if you go over your limit. This is also the same speed cap that Optus' 'Unleashed' plans had attached to them earlier this year, until the marketing was pulled from its website after only twenty-four hours.

While Vodafone, Telstra and Optus have all clearly disclosed these speed caps, the increased introduction of so-called 'unlimited plans' has raised the question as to whether they should be called that. Sure, there's unlimited data on offer, but with a clearly defined limitation in place when it comes to speed.

However, Vodafone believe that the speed cap will be more than sufficient for their customers.

"We have scoured the globe for the best in class unlimited product and we have brought what we believe to be the best here in Australia," said Ben McIntosh, Consumer Business Unit Director Vodafone Australia, in a statement to Gizmodo Australia.

"Our network engineers have undertaken thorough network testing in a variety of environments at the 1.5mps and believe we have the balance right when it comes to maintaining network capacity and giving customers a great experience."

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