This Unbelievable, Full-Sized Millennium Falcon Cockpit Took 6 Years To Build

The Millennium Falcon made out of LEGO? Child’s play. Just build your own life-sized Falcon cockpit in your garage! That’s not mad, is it? I’m sure that’s an awesome thing to do.

It only required six years of effort from the Huntsville, Alabama-based team, led by Greg Dietrich and Jake Polatty. What started as a “passion project”, eventually became an obsession, according to Dietrich.

How much effort went into the cockpit? Wired’s Patrick Farrell goes into detail:

You study framegrabs like they were religious texts; you hunt down production images that show just how the original set builders, who bought airplane scrap by the truckload, modified Martin-Baker mk. IV ejection seats to turn them into the highly sought after navigation chairs in the cockpit … [Dietrich] has spent thousands of dollars making this version of the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy.

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I don’t think it’ll be making the Kessel Run anytime soon, but as a fun piece of kit to sit in — and live out your dreams of being Han Solo — I can’t think of anything better.

[Wired, via Neatorama]