This Flashy Incredibles 2 Art Show Collects The Whole Parr Family

This Flashy Incredibles 2 Art Show Collects The Whole Parr Family

Since superheroes usually come from comics, they tend to translate rather well into visual art. That goes double when the superheroes are animated, which makes Incredibles 2 just about the perfect subject for an art show.

Jack Jack is one of a five-print set by Craig Drake at this Incredibles 2 art show.Photo: Cyclops Print Works

And wouldn’t you know it? That’s exactly what’s coming on June 2 at Gallery Nucleus near Los Angeles, CA. It’s hosting “A Tribute Exhibition to Incredibles 2, presented by Oh My Disney, Disney Fine Art, Cyclops Print Works and Pixar Animation Studios. It will be open through July 1.

The exhibit will feature over 50 new pieces of art inspired by Incredibles 2, which hits theatres June 15, and io9 is excited to debut several of them. Below, you’ll see each member of the Parr family as interpreted by artist Craig Drake. Each of these pieces are 12 x 41cm and come in a run of 125.

(Full disclosure: the Violet piece debuted last year, but will still be available at the show, along with the rest of the family).

Mr. Incredible by Craig Drake

Jack Jack by Craig Drake

Dash by Craig Drake

Elastigirl by Craig Drake

Violet by Craig Drake

If that’s not enough, Oh My Disney debuted some other art from the show, including these gorgeous pieces by Disney artist Eric Tan.

The Incredibles by Eric Tan

Mr. Incredible by Eric Tan

Elastigirl by Eric Tan

For info on the gallery, including hours and directions, visit this link. For more Incredibles 2 art, visit the link below.

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