This Water Bottle, Made From Paper Pulp And 'Secret' Materials, Biodegrades In Just Months

Image: James Longcroft

Plastic bottles aren't great. If we could find a suitably cheap, environmentally-friendly replacement, I think everyone would be much happier. While Choose Water's alternative, crafted from paper pulp and "secret" materials, isn't quite there yet, the fact it degrades in months, rather hundreds of years, is already an excellent start.

According to inventor James Longcroft, the bottle is "completely biodegradable, made from sustainable products and degrades into non-toxic, environmentally friendly substances".

While he remains tight-lipped regarding the composition of the "special lining" inside, both it and the paper exterior are 100 per cent recyclable.

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In additional, the materials have proven to be "beneficial to the environment, neutralising soil acidity and providing nutrients to aquatic environments".

The only downside is scalability, with Longcroft acknowledging it isn't up there with plastic "quite yet". Fortunately, Choose Water is off to a good start, with the crowdfunding campaign just over its £25,000 ($44,778) target with a month to go.

[Indiegogo, via ScienceAlert]

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