These Are The Worst Lies About Cars You’ve Ever Told

These Are The Worst Lies About Cars You’ve Ever Told

Photo: zombieite (Flickr)

Honesty is the best policy, but sometimes little while lies, told for fun, are healthy. I won’t tell you when or how to tell them, that’s on you to decide. But they’re usually always fun to think back on.

Last week, I asked you guys for the best lies you’ve told about cars. Sometimes it was just some good-natured trolling. Other times it was out of sheer boredom. Whatever the reason was, you did what you did and then you put it on Kinja.

Let’s see what mischief you guys got up to.

Trucking (ripfire4)

Dude it saves on gas.


Did he eventually figure out that you were full of hot air?

Truck Stuff (Rusty Starship)

Sounds like you hit a nerve.

Active Aero (iska2000)

The best description for pop-up headlights I've ever heard.

Metric System (Tom O)

Heh, Americans.

Sales People (As Du Volant)

From a self-admitted dick.

Bond (RedLeader289)

Need that 007-style ride.

Lying To Yourself (Teh Penguin of Doom)

Air filters will give you 1,000 more horsepower.

"Autos" (m)

Keep this going as long as you can.

Bigger Turbo (Zaphod's Heart of Gold)

At least you knew they were lies.

Traction Control (MattDeZ)

Very daring to just press it like that.

Cable (fcukyoukinja)

Great for storing extra music.

Who Is Lying To Who (move-over-peasant-I-have-an-M5-in-the-shop)

Regardless, we've all heard this one.